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Londonderry, Derry, Doire or even ‘Legenderry’ as it has been recently renamed, is a centre of culture and creativity. In recent years the city has unveiled to all-corners the creative vibrancy of spirit that has always been apparent to those who knew her best.

Tower Museum

Tower Museum tells the tale of Derry’s vivid history, from its geological development millions of years ago, focusing on the Plantation, the Siege of Derry and the city’s troubled political past.

The museum is home to the Armada Shipwreck exhibition whereby La Trinidad Valencera was once shipwrecked off the Donegal coast in 1588.

The Guildhall

The Guildhall is located in the heart of Derry City centre. With its neo-gothic style, the Guildhall is one of the most charming buildings in the North West and was originally built by The Honourable Irish Society in 1887. The Guildhall has stunning and distinctive features including bespoke stained glass windows, unique staircase and a beautiful main hall organ leaving visitors intrigued by this fascinating building.

The Apprentice Boy’s Memorial

The Apprentice Boy’s Memorial Hall is where the Siege of Derry celebrations take place each year and it is well worth a visit. One building that amazingly survived the Siege of Derry is the magnificent St Columb’s Cathedral. Built in 1633, the cathedral is the city’s most historic building and is filled with centuries of relics and artefacts.

Museum of Free Derry

Chronicling the history of the Bogside, the Civil Rights Movement, Internment and the events of Bloody Sunday, the Museum of Free Derry tells the story of what happened in the city between 1968 – 1972. The museum brings together first-hand witness reports, photos, films and interactive displays and is only 500m from Maldron Hotel Derry at the foot of the hill in Bogside, near the Bloody Sunday Monument.

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